Takoor Group of (Pvt) Co. Ltd. is an Import & Export Company which has more than 100 years of Business experience. 

If you have Products to Export to Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, USA or require goods from USA, Afghanistan, Pakistan or China, please do not hesitate to contact us (USA or Pakistan Office).


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Managementof the Company


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Our company was established in early 1900 by well known, respectful, former Afghan Parliamentarian Honorable late Mr.Haji Mohammad Gul then extended in 1962 by his son Mr. Haji Sahar Gul. At the beginning we were focused mainly on import and at the most early stages we had textile, tea, electronics and silk business. After a while, we had expanded our import and started to import a broad spectrum of goods.

Management of the Company:

The company had been managed by Mr. Haji Sahar Gul and his brother until 1995 but since then company was restructured under management of second generation but Haji Sahar Gul remained the leading authority of the company (Chairman). The company, as a result of high turn-over, restructured as a Group of Companies. The Board of Directors of Takoor Group of (Pvt.) Co. Ltd. has been organized as follows:

Tajuddin -President,

Mr. Aimal Khan Vice President

 - Director

 - Director


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Business Activities:

As already mentioned, different items has been imported and exported to and from Afghanistan. The company played an important role in introducing and marketing of these items.

Since 1983 we have initiated Cigarette business with Pakistani companies Lekson Tobacco and Premier Tobacco which in result we manage to import over one billion cigarettes per year, until Pakistan government stopped total export of Pakistani cigarettes to Afghanistan.

After we were active in cigarette business, by beginning of 1994, we contacted Rothmans as Gul Traders and they appointed us as one of 4 costumers. By the beginning of 1995 Rothmans appoint us as exclusive distributor for Afghanistan market. In brief, since establishment of the company in 1962, we have imported huge quantity of textile goods from Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Korea, tea from China, Indonesia and Kenya, electronics from Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Korea, silk from China and Central Asia, tires from Japan, India and Thailand and many other items.

After re-organization under title of Takoor Group of (Pvt) Co. Ltd., we expanded our spectrum of import. In this regard we stepped forwards as follows:

1-       We contacted Norbrook of Northern Ireland in 1996 to import Veterinary medicine. We succeeded to fulfill a part of Veterinary Medicine requirements of the country.

2-       Meanwhile we have imported medical supplies from Med-Pharm of Korea.

3-       We have imported a huge quantity of Confectionary from Lotte Confectionary of Korea. As a result of good reputation with this company we are appointed as sole distributor of this company in the region.

4-       We have been importing large quantity of products from Procter & Gamble Geneva since 1997. In a 3-year-period we were able to reach the top of the list of their 24 customers in the region. Finally they selected us as preferred customer.

5-       We also import Superstone Tires from Thailand on the base of exclusive agency, MRF and JK Tires from India.

6-       We are also importing cosmetics from different countries mainly Universe Beauty of Thailand.

7-       We import Wagner brand break oil and us oil treatment through API-international of USA.

8-       We are also involved in importing of goods from China. We import huge quantity of Green Tea, Black Tea, Battery Cells, Silk, Bicycle Tires, Truck Tires, Medical and Pharmaceutical products and many more items from this country.

9-  We import, exclusively, Lude Brand Shoe Polish from China

10-We have available various Products of Lever Brothers Co. Ltd. such as Dove Soap, Lux soap, SunSilk Shampoo, Close-Up Toothpaste, Signal 2 Toothpaste, and many more.....

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Branches and Departments:

We have side branches throughout the country that are controlled by zonal branches. We also have offices outside Afghanistan namely Pakistan, China and recently in USA. Theoretically all zonal branches as well as international offices are controlled from our main office in Kabul. But because of lack of communication facilities in Kabul city, the board of directors decided to use Pakistan branch, temporarily, for this purpose. Following is the list of our zonal branches and international offices:

There are total of 41 employees working in the company, excluding the Board of Directors. Board of Directors and senior managers are residing in Pakistan and are in control of the company inside Afghanistan and overseas. The number of employees in each office, is as follows:

1-       Main office (Kabul)  5    employees
2-       Jalalabad office 7    employees
3-       Mazar-e-Sharif office  3    employees
4-       Herat office  6    employees
5-       Pakistan office   15  employees
6-       China office 4    employees
7-       USA office   (recently established)

30-18 14th Street,

 L.I.C  New York,11102


There are also six major divisions (departments) of the company. Following is the list of departments with their respective number of employees (excluding the board of directors):

1-       International business department  6    employees
2-       Marketing department  8    employees
3-       Export department        5    employees
4-       Sales department           16  employees
5-       Accounting department   4    employees
6-       Communication department   2    employees


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